著者は John. Grisham. 弁護士出身とあって法律ものが多い。 たくさんのベスト・
セラーがあって選ぶのに困った。 それで一番すきな依頼人を選択、十一歳の少年と
女性弁護士がFBIやマフィアを相手に戦い抜くすがたが心地いい。 しかし、びっちり
小さな活字が566ページもつづく。 途中で折れなければ良いが.... 難易度はシドニー

    依頼人    The Client   The Client (audio book)   依頼人(映画)

                  Chapter 1

hooked pilfer skinny inhale bout obediently grin nibble dissipate console 

conspire fume crouch mumble slam growl clench glare trample lunge 

perch crackle pant stomp perspire cram fidget nostril mightily exhale 

sip savor hiss gulp trickle disastrous frill cremate squirm yank shove 

vicious slap shriek blur snarl lick composed squarely glow grimace smack

barrel nut duck slither beefy chuckle scum notorious caress stroke 

numb sluggish ache ram mute lumber blast swelling falter obscenity sob 

ponderous bulk stumpy routinely 

                  Chapter 2

kneecap calf slimy ripple strut gaudy flashy bookie gawk slick laden gel

obligatory lobe swagger bowel furrow brow puffy booze hangover legendary

menace resonance thug intimidate knuckle eavesdropper bug impressive 

schmooze tick sleazy invariably loom prosecutor season mobster verdict

racketeer imprisonment plea allege pathology ballistic crack tenacious detach

continuance fringe indict exhaustive warfare circumstantial informant chew

diminutive wiry reverend conviction peroxide indictment sermon pompous

bluster pious obnoxious aspiration thunderous crunch repulsive confederate

wino bum warrant juror prosecution viciously nonetheless disturbance flick

gory crooked assortment

                  Chapter 3

twitch glaze moan resume creek crumble hood ditch intently noticeable

knot throb fatal muffle seclude crucial shudder gingerly buzzard vulture 

syllable disguise restraint squad clammy wiggle unnoticed classify automatically

delinquent sneer vow thump chopper squawk slump paramedic squat snap

twig dope instinctively

                  Chapter 4

contagious awkwardly freak ordeal forge hospitalize stab traumatic indigent

strap flutter bounce gun brace

                  Chapter 5

customized reimburse shrink appliance limousine padded subordinate glamorous

swivel indentical recliner rookie scribble diligence discern electrify chauffeur

fetch deft maneuver illustrious thrust persuasive evidently autopsy ponder

furiously legible paragraph scrawl tragic undermine constitutional counsel

corruption headline ramble stutter chitchat cuss wreck trickery unethical

sober obstruction indifference glue forbid personnel bark smugly confirm

                  Chapter 6

hallway receptionist pediatrician dodge orderly gurney intercom roam institution

exaggeration blank conflict unload nuthouse chomp fray relentless wad dim

psychiatric scrutinize doze peek blurt confession perfume foldaway frown

somberness confidential dose pillow terrify confidence pee faintly relive 

lieutenant loiter hurriedly anticipation definitely acute disorder traumatize 

paralyze deny isolated betray bewilder sternly imperative familiarity foam 

exhausted protrude chubby surveillance grader shoddy sticky excursion 

petty theft vandalism gorgeous deserted cast sling gauze pint anguish 

warily specialize specialty lamely hustler pump concussion coupla puncture

collarbone disability crane intrusion frantic midair sue corporate jugular 

brag settlement trash incompetent critical rerun deform clutter

                  Chapter 7

escort majestically pit idiotic entourage thereafter orchestrate suite stale

weary unidentified sophisticated inept dense wreckage shatter pawn errand

solemnly blankly temporarily flunky manipulate ego banality abrupt dumbass

                  Chapter 8

sparkling immensely tremble vital reassure predict comatose flamboyant vomit

chill awe cot sequel truthfulness architectural symmetry configuration maze

mezzanine dazzle array implement obsolete truant strategy pedestrian 

anonymous hushed etch intimidating bold boom unabated scowl retreat 

carnage fame floral sleek unholster burgundy appropriately reluctantly 

unison privileged amused blink adoption malpractice technically retainer 

churn patronize withhold unfold allegedlly skillfully fearfully hyperactive fabricate 

                  Chapter 9

hatchet boisterous trot passionate trafficker brass representation prediction

loony serial exclusive notoriety vigorous indigent spout scarce untimely drool

whistle beck puzzle remotely coo dump boldness shuffle bulky snugly frisk

stairwell beeper chaotic labyrinth haphazard storage limply feeble symmetrical

cock chime fidget federal offense drippy redden nasty rudely dangle 

simultaneously interrogate irrelevant bitchy coerce shred disciplinary reprimand

disciple wayward meekly

                  Chapter 10

exceptionally pimp bouncer deftly bust tip ex-con fence unremarkable scanner

morgue parlor nurture compromise zealously virtually intrigue denial ward barge

menial scrubber nonchalantly cease obligate terminal therapy snoop collective

nuisance forum analyze massive amid troublesome persuade surmise nail 

torment humiliate visitation mortgage asture vengeance electronic thoroughly

maiden sour refill fingertip turf

                  Chapter 11

nap thrash ravine sly badge outfox rub stink squeal tempt tasteful decline 

absorb protest confident meticulously bang steadiness dossier aka transcript

sordid allegation adultery ultimately dispose erratic desperation flaw fake

reel tentative definite indisputable recall divulge likewise psychiatrist speculate

invade confide bitch subplot divert violate technicality invasion lawsuit 

admission stammer permission complaint haul alleged pleading directive restuff

                  Chapter 12

relay speculation initially leakage inspire hog marginal whore preach scripture

appointee glower tycoon amazement criticize migraine whirl finesse motherly

plow vividly dizzy unconscious ozone surge vulnerable sack animate run-of-the-mill

spouse snatch thieving felon scam bogus deprogram referral agile burly drawl 

nonrefundable suspicious tug eatery virtual obediently undispute idiot imbecile

                  Chapter 13

confine expansive loan mediocre drudgery egghead boredom extraordinaire litter

criminal sacred victorious gospel approval incentive tragically audible footage

debris gross

                  Chapter 14

bizarre aftermath semiprivate lapse drizzle retrieve switchblade reinforcement 

slice lump clog assault assailant squeak collapse countless measurement 

connoisseur canister meticulous detox flunk sort innuendo advocate molest bono 

adequate ritual adhere daze extract computerize  chronological undistinguished 

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rail bayou devastate embrace toxic rampant persistent stake credible regulator 

terse citizen gymnasium incessant determine frenzy mug rehash throttle rant 

flair bail proclaim vendetta trench soggy investigative crony hike caption bluff 

                  Chapter 15

antics loudmouth relish intercom stuffy regain composure sentry henchman 

snoop consume candid spinach sergeant assume moron bruise visitation casual 

slut crotch chummy cocky mesmerize bankruptcy bozo saltine

                  Chapter 16

generic jaywalk nickel hideous proficient identification productive uneventful study

bloodhound vacate yelp clown backpedal yelper hesitation courier stuff devour

discrimination wrongful discharge individually summon structure architecture dock

chesty matte adorn fluorescent piss sweatshop bolt tacky cubicle ooze shag

rump gaunt partially smirk supervisor crude dignity deposition subpoena shade

bony scratch session

                  Chapter 17

assign clerical paralegal underling boring tedious mindless whereas plaque 

attendance diplomas judicial burgundy summarization dean narrow heap petition 

misconduct supervision determination procedure statute flatly cohort pander 

discretionary contempt resort incarcerate purge drastic precedent calmly tow 

downside publicize confidentiality explicit disclosure marshal unheard dismissal 

stench jackboot dismiss deal spew scribe personally rummy heavily dealing 

drab transmission eavesdrop probation conspiracy arrogance posture territory

                  Chapter 18

pea meaty tail zip specific intersection manicure hedgerow beg shrub peck

beam scoot exclaim doctor hack chomp flatware nudge shin verification 

worshiper replenish hunk pedigree majestically knock divine rubbery shoplift 

starch smirky mischief biologist mangy hatred feast punk gunpoint foyer 

flaunt abortion brainwash rustl protective conscience obituary

                  Chapter 19

snare massage donnas lettuce workaholic cuisine gorge hefty suggestive transfer

dabble clout credential spectability shed testimony enforcement reprisal exemption

loophole reputation deputy lean yokel fold flip reluctant majority historically 

wrath tolerate disfavor jeopardize postpone pros lawyerly prance muscle irritate 

stone battered vaguely lace creak pop cripple hazardous silhouette nosy resemble 

rectangular peep kindle engulf domino rubble intact firetrap preacher sonofabitch 


                  Chapter 20

mole spooky suspicion recess afterthought nook hustle punch lurch nonchalantly

loiterer kneel compose dismal depressing conquer deteriorate scrub janitor 

docket shun plush roach infest jurisdiction unruly dependent paternity wedlock 

parental imposing deadbeat bailiff caseload brutal distinguished intrigue 

uncooperative pushover impede expedite relevant unspecified affection intimidation 

comply rehearse preliminary whip sincerity

                  Chapter 21

coverage wrestle sear intentional policy premium utensil bullwhip meathead whap

tangle fracas mournful hotshot coldcock moron oddly giggle brat detention whisk

cinder ceramic commercial blend regulation process unravel

                  Chapter 22

mausoleum cancerous respectable tastefully urn dreary dirge immaculate 

mourner faith pulpit lenghy lamentation hurrah juicy tidbit gracious sheepishly

barbed jangle gruff precinct hoarse bunk goon seethe cutthroat flunky

                  Chapter 23

architect usher provision urinal spiffy asphalt gall humble agitate conspirator

nonchalant confrontation unsolicited litigant commitment asset fuss unbiased

saggy perilously doodle despise pursuit appellate assumption convict relieved 

contempt methodically rampage snitch incriminate muster formulate inevitable

                  Chapter 24

lurk stenographic etiquette dab tripod coziness distraction custodial intelligently

prejudice gape suppress crimson compassionate dumber eloquence proceeding

facilitate inadequate discretion rescind reflect indefinitely pending mishmash

retribution ominous gofer featherweight skeptical rally skirmish snipe scornful

barrage defy utter petitioner breach herd permissible glib frustration brilliantly

dispatch folk chatty flimsy subtlety pathetic adept speck objectionable 

sarcasm blush undeniable preoccupied reassurance harsh mock ethics emit 

appetizing aroma waft jab indict imply paranoid heartsay verify relevance 

kangaroo intensity claw dine reverse

                  Chapter 25

reassemble cuticle warmth sparkle widen noncommittal deathly deliberate 

trance throwaway demonstrate polygraph berserk boast response triple 

implicate sniff cardiac undoubtedly adjourn slammer reveal poise fatigue

                  Chapter 26

posse meticulously terrified harassment quash established budge optimistic

release pager trim motion stoop slobber

                  Chapter 27

drain veto anchorperson landfill gush breathlessly murky mercifully dungeon

decor horrified flush dumpy aspire hoodlum frequent vodka bond restrict

paranoia felony clam swap hound detainee epileptic seizure terminate

worsen physical plump rickety leathery slab inmate materialize accomplice

habitual offender parole

                  Chapter 28

predawn unpredictable wicker rocker unscramble transmitter helluva lukerwarm

rag creep dispense pleasantry acquaintance coax grill rat surgery periodically

manipulation innocuous deck gaggle onlooker smug obtain publicity glossy

decompose pathologist trajectory liven successor embark statistical insult

efficiency podium haggle concede advisement frivolous jurisprudence prevail

storm forthcoming impromptu

                  Chapter 29

rape project surefoot decade shield mouthpiece applicable grouchy sweep

grouch feebly peer quote attire hangout retainer prosper ostensibly ilk

litigation arrogant unconstitutional hammer gallantly martyr involuntary 

confinement instinct stun deaden munch subdue captivate obscene redeem

rinky-dink putty clarify assemble chemist banter rigid irrational terrorize 

                  Chapter 30

huff spook concourse edgy preordain siphon peddle lopside bureaucrat 

condemn involvement affinity bordello seedy roustabout dumpster quickie

foamy rowdy liaison hilarious trooper vicinity prostitute sanitize caliber

fraud measure bunch plod pew gavel rap assembly foster riff-raff

                  Chapter 31

faithful lapdog exclude supersede zombie crisp clueless notify sidekick

jailer leisurely synchronization surrender apologetic 

                  Chapter 32

navel puddle watery pinch ambulance peel gravity monotonous deposit

occupant manngle hectic bay haphazardly insane

                  Chapter 33

punishable incarceration restitution nicety practice destination genuinely

scold plaster weird medic trashy brainstorm hyperactive intersect flicker

rig roar veer patronizingly

                  Chapter 34

cobweb norm disorient wildly undetermined approximately undertake oversight 

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orthopedic fraternity pledge thermos customary scornfully register

                  Chapter 35

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probable valid livid uncharacteristically ambush bulletin coincidental

                  Chapter 36

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                  Chapter 37

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mortify straw inquiry felonious burr

                  Chapter 38

hasty envision pungent torso deafening getaway contemplate fortunate

pursue escapade unlace cuff outsmart counselor daringly

                  Chapter 39

pleasantry precious negotiable outlay liquid ad-lib beep disrespectful

disposal curtly registry

                  Chapter 40

emblazone acknowledge evacuate registration motorcade

                  Chapter 41

subside suburban hangar subdivision taunt gleaming clearance scald risky

inch tarmac strangle gosh treacherous scurry grit