著者は Agatha Christie 高校生のときに読んでから、ずっと魅了され続けてきた。
自分では推理小説のベスト・ワンと評価している。 ミステリーのトップ・テンに必ず
ランクされる作品である。 絶海の孤島に招待された十人が、マザーグーズの唄
そっくりに次々と殺されてゆく。 そして、後には誰もいなくなった。 招待した謎の
人物オーエン氏は島にいたのか? 誰が殺人者だったのか? これほどの名作
なので五本の映画が作られている。 このうち三本は見ているが、原作には遠く

 そして誰もいなくなった  And then there were none  And then there were none Audio book

                    Chapter 1

bench puff subsequent bald rumour delicately abode surrender illegible

clarity bask communion correspondent flourish swarm secretarial 

recommendation enclose expense strenuous decent coroner inquest 

acquit compliment bob cleave frown arrogant sum schoolmistressy 

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righteousness unyield discomfort slop mentally nudity illegibly disadvantage 

dividend crow apparently crony pup brood queerly mortal apparel 

appliance diagnosis vague boredom inspire devastating hedge frightful 

heap fizzing stinking admiringly crisp intensely triumphal seafaring bleary 

mutter slumber diagnose accurately conscientiously ruminate scrutinize 

anxiously expression spot colonial resemblance whim soothingly hiccup 

plaintively squall  pacifically unsteadily fumble solemn blink recumbent 

immense subside

                    Chapter 2
momentary uncertainty assent surreptitious suggestion stiffly luggage 

distinguished unacquainted decisively stuffy conventionally treacherous 

originality imperceptibly assured substitute temporary permanent 

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shrewd mize luscious critically disparagingly cluster glimpse jut boldly 

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 unwilling financially vaguely tortoise evidence conviction cautious 

dwell malevolently suave personage decidedly reptilian startle consequence 

undependable hussy eyebrow luxuriate sensation limb cramp dismiss 

presently cordial bungle neat foresee deuce cairngorm

                    Chapter 3

intimacy mellow caustic mutual quaint circular chorus remarkably murmur 

composedly agreeable embroidery stroll naive statuette bizarre angularity 

replete penetrate indictment responsible deliberately petrified thud huddle 

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fetch engagement professionally verisimilitude presume forefinger disembody 

precise recite sulkily suspicious clench credential swine handsome bitterly 

appreciatively conclusion justfied surname scrawl reasonably fantastic 

homicidal lunatic

                    Chapter 4

dismay bewilderment toss incoherent vaguest emerge entice epistolary 

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accordance dictate reproach sway sane dissentient unsport forret gulp 


                    Chapter 5

stupidly crumple bewilder awe prime peer physician asphyxiation dreg fit 

midst brusquely cyanide distinctive prussic potassium instantaneously 

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                    Chapter 6 

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indecision greyish restraint frenzied

                    Chapter 7

acquiesce freshen crest dependable briskly absurd mechanically haunt 

scramble chaotic perplexedly hysterical ridiculous serenely sheerest 

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ampul inhale withhold fatal tempt arsenic administer definite negation 

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forte inactivity

                    Chapter 8

proxy racket dose unbelievingly elsewhere indignant revolver overcasual 

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dresser unaccounted straightforward devoid concealment cocktail impassive

countenance cistern furtive footfall admonitory furtively stealthily objection 

chamber cavernous festoon cobweb

                    Chapter 9  

superstition unconvince embarrassed hue blurt preparation mince sullenly 

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unobserve crimson hotly heliograph evenly readily terribly household 

attic implicate complicity reiterate unsuspicious forewarned forearmed 


                    Chapter 10  

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inferior cliche' thoroughly commonplace sufficiently hesitation filmy 

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ordinarity approvingly nervously pall respective linger plaque wardrobe         

                    Chapter 11 

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indulge squared stretch servitude unpleasantly current sizzle repress 

gimlet congeal unflinchingly impious outwardly squirrel

                    Chapter 12  

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forcefully cellar

                    Chapter 13

din receptive pretence veneer instinct revert bestial wary coarse 

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lithe crouch immobility pitiable stub inaction gall torrent fitful tacit 

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formality herd feverish hearse split siphon nailed unbearable temple 

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gratefully appreciation resentfully tamper corkscrew deception foil cork

gingerly dubiously ruddy diversion patter onlooker robe wig reel trickle

limp expressionless instantaneous stoop outburst

                    Chapter 14 

farce barricade pester lark untruthful far-off hurriedly boar inclination

menace sagacity astuteness geezer self-righteous disturbing furrow 

crease pucker ponder painstakingly wont thoroughness disquiet supremacy 

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conjure double vamoose incredulously

                    Chapter 15

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solution bunkum inmate eagerly heavenly visitant supernatural vehemently 

lassitude weariness innocuous mangle quaver grim settle urgently manor

unaccounted sane accusingly raucous giggle discolored hideous

                    Chapter 16

motionless precisely rebellion tug pant clap solicitude unwaveringly lull

authoritatively argumentatively panther feline poise warily enormous

exquisite exquisitely immmobile principally conquer peril wittedness 

adroitness would-be noose unheeded fender


respectfully stolidly fracture provision savory fraud dope wangle 

accountant necessarily gloomily illuminate override theatrical hitherto

vindictive aboveboard clumsiness reckless prohibit friction unnecessarily

daring overscrupulous forcibly opportune fanatic accomplish cryptic

tally entry grant topple induce abstract

                  A manuscript document

contradiction incurably flatter trait sadistic pest lust contradictory prevail

abhorrent psychologist ingenious wretched squirm palpably fairness efficiency

misleading unspectacular brutal strictly  scrupulous emotional counsel exigency 

wax colossal fantastical stupendous adolescent incongruous restrain hamper

innate undistinguished casually restorative substantially untouchable infancy

inexorable diminishment inevitability violently teetotal recount callousness

inability unfit brethren vigor integrity perforce assuage maudlin confidential

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protract mechanics tabulate prospective concoct suitable miscarry indigestion

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jar innocently accuracy